Unadilla Valley @ Unatego Ladies – Update 3

Unatego maintains the lead at the end of 3, 39-35.

Leading Scorers:

Kacie Manzanero (UN) 18

Taylor Davis (UV) 14

Amanda Off (UV) 9

Join us for the exciting conclusion of this “for the regular season marbles” game on WCDO AM/FM and WCDOSports.com!

BG @ UV Girls – Final

Congratulations to the UV Lady storm on their win tonight over BG, 48-39.

Tonight’s award winners:

NBT Bank Outstanding Offense: Jordan Anderson (UV)

Mang Insurance Dynamic Defense: Taylor Davis (UV)

Leading scorers in tonight’s game (*all stats unofficial*)

Jordan Anderson (UV) 14

Morgan Bullis (BG) 13

Amanda Off (UV) 13

Abbey Smith (BG) 10

Taylor Palmatier (BG) 9

Join us again Thursday night for a boys matchup on WCDO Sports.  This time, the UV Storm boys travel to Unatego to take on the Spartans.  Airtime set for around 7pm (dependent on senior night activities) on WCDO AM/FM and streaming online at WCDOSports.com!

BG @ UV Girls – Update 1

At the end of the 1st Quarter, UV leads BG 14-9.  The leading scorers in the game so far are Amanda Off, who has 8 points for UV, while Taylor Palmatier has 5 for BG.

UV @ Harpursville Ladies – Final

WOW what a 4th quarter!  This one came RIGHT-DOWN-TO-THE-WIRE!  Unadilla Valley comes out victorious on the Harpursville floor with the final score 51-47!  If you missed the broadcast, you can catch the replay with WCDO Sports on Demand!  Check out the archives at http://wcdoonline.com/wcdo-sports-on-demand.html

Congratulations to tonight’s award winners!

NBT Bank Outstanding Offense: Amanda Off – Unadilla Valley

Mang Insurance Dynamic Defense: Taylor Davis – Unadilla Valley

Tonight’s leading scorers:

Amanda Off (UV) 18

Miranda Drummond (Harp) 17

Taylor Davis (UV) 16

Savannah Murray (12)

Join us again Friday Night (1/18) for what could be one of the biggest games in men’s basketball in our local area this season!  The Sidney Warriors travel up route 7 to take on the Unatego Spartans!  Harry Graves calls the action Friday night, and you can catch the game live on WCDO AM/FM or stream it online at WCDOSports.com!

UV @ Harpursville Ladies – Update 3

At the end of 3, Harpursville leads UV 34-29.

Leading scorers include:

Miranda Drummond (Harp) 14

Taylor Davis (UV) 9

Jordan Anderson (UV) 8

Amanda Off (UV) 6

This game is moving at a FRENETIC pace!  Catch the 4th quarter live on WCDO AM/FM or stream it online at WCDOSports.com!

UV @ Sidney Update 3

Unadilla Valley leads Sidney at the end of the 3rd quarter 40-18.

Leading Scorers include:

Amanda Off (UV) 12

Corrine Izard (UV) 10

Kelsey Decker (Sid) 8

Join us for the conclusion of this game on the air at WCDO and online at http://www.WCDOSports.com!

UV @ Sidney Update 2

UV leads 23-18 at the half.

Amanda Off (UV) – 12 points

Kelsey Decker (Sid) – 8 point

Join us for a halftime conversation with Sidney’s Damien Zimmer who was injured (Broken Femur) during football season.  He’ll give us an update on his recovery and the prospects for rejoining the Sidney Boys Basketball team this season.  Stream it live on http://www.WCDOSports.com