BG @ Sidney Boys – FINAL

The Sidney Warriors are victorious tonight with a final score of 61-45.

Congratulations to tonight’s award winners:

NBT Bank Outstanding Offense: Billy Kozak – Sidney

Mang Insurance Dynamic Defense: Hunter Sowersby – Sidney

Leading scorers tonight include (*all stats unofficial*)

Billy Kozak (Sid) 22 with SIX 3-pointers, including 4 in a row!

Corbin Palmer (BG) 15

Brooks Harmon (BG) 14

Damian Zimmer (Sid) 14

Austin Bauerle (BG) 12

Join us again next week on Wednesday and Thursday night for more High School Basketball on WCDO Sports!  Wednesday night, it’s ladies action as the BG Lady Bobcats travel to Unadilla Valley to take on the Lady Storm.  On Thursday night, the Unadilla Valley Boys travel to Unatego to take on the Spartans.  Greg Davie will call the action for both games, and you can catch the action live on WCDO AM/FM, an online courtesy of SFCU at!

Unatego @ BG Boys Final

WOW WHAT A GAME!!!!!!  Unatego holds out to get the win on the BG floor, 72-69.

Congratulations to tonight’s award winners:

NBT Bank Outstanding Offense: Tanner Winchester – Unatego

Mang Insurance Dynamic Defense: Kellen Komenda – Unatego

Tonight top scorers include: (*all stats unofficial*)

Austin Bauerle (BG) 21

Brooks Harmon (BG) 18

Quinn Barnhart (UNA) 17

Tanner Winchester (UNA) 17

Tyler Butler (UNA) 16

Corbin Palmer (BG) 16

Kellen Komenda (UNA) 15

WOW, If you missed this one on the air, you can catch the replay with WCDO Sports on Demand!  Check it out at! We’ll be back with more high school basketball action after the Christmas break!  Have a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays from all of here at WCDO Sports!

Unatego @ BG Boys Update 3

at the end of 3, we’ve got an absolute BARN BURNER at the BG gym!  Unatego is up 54-52!

Leading scorers:

Brooks Harmon (BG) 16

Quinn Barnhart (UNA) 15

Austin Bauerle (BG) 14

Tyler Butler (UNA) 12

Kellen Komenda (UNA) 12

Corbin Palmer (BG) 10

Join us for the conclusion of this great game on WCDO Sports!

Unatego @ BG Boys Update 2

Tyler Butler hits a buzzer beater at the half to pull Unatego ahead 36-30 over BG!

Leading scorers in the game include:

Quinn Barnhart has 13 points, and Tanner Winchester has 8 points for Unatego.

BG has 3 players with 8 points apiece!  Corbin Palmer, Austin Bauerle, and Brooks Harmon.  BG has also gone 12 of 13 from the free throw line.

It’s an exciting game and you can catch the second half on the air at WCDO AM/FM, or stream it on your computer or mobile device at!

Unatego @ BG Boys Update 1

At the end of the 1st quarter, Unatego leads BG 19-14.

Tanner Winchester (UNA) and Austin Bauerle (BG) each have 6 points.

Unatego has had scoring contributions from 6 players in the first quarter, while BG has gone 8 of 9 from the line (Unatego is 3 of 3!)

Check out this great game on the air at WCDO AM/FM, or stream it online at!

Afton @ BG Boys – Final

Congratulations to the BG boys with the win tonight, defeating Afton 65-40.

Congratulations to tonight’s award winners!

NBT Bank Outstanding Offense: Corbin Palmer – BG

Mang Insurance Dynamic Defense: Brooks Harmon – BG

Top scorers in tonight’s game include:

Lucas Butcher (BG) 21 (17 in the 2nd half!)

Corbin Palmer (BG) 15 points, 5 of 7 from the line

Ricky Parsons (Afton) 14 points with 3 three pointers

Brooks Harmon (BG) 12 points with 2 three pointers

Austin Bauerle (BG) 9 with 2 three pointers

Joe Shearer (Afton) 9 points

Mitch Decker (Afton) 6 points

Join us tomorrow night as Afton and BG do battle again!  This time, it’s the ladies’ turn!  Chambers and O’Hara pregame show set for around 6:45 Friday night, on WCDO AM/FM and streaming online at!  We’ll see you then!

Afton @ BG Boys – Update 2

At Halftime, BG leads Afton 32-25.

Leading scorers for the first half:

Corbin Palmer (BG) 11 points

Austin Bauerle (BG) 10 points

Ricky Parsons (Afton) 10 points

Joe Shearer (Afton) 8 points

Join us for the 2nd half, coming up on WCDO AM/FM and!