WCDO Sports Congratulates this years’ Girls Basketball “Player of the Game” award winners

WCDO Sports, a division of WCDO Broadcasting Inc. based in Sidney, broadcast 21 local High School Girls Basketball games, featuring a total of 15 local and area varsity basketball programs as they competed throughout the season. Games can be followed throughout the season both on-the-air on WCDO 100.9 FM and 1490 AM, as well as online at WCDORadio.com. All Games are also archived for playback at anytime on the website in the “WCDO Sports on Demand Archive”. During the post-game of each broadcast, two separate awards are given to outstanding players. WCDO Sports would like to thank NBT Bank and Mang Insurance for supporting the player of the game awards program throughout the season with the NBT Bank Outstanding Offense award, and The Mang Insurance Dynamic Defense award. A total of 42 awards were given this season honoring 18 student athletes from 7 area schools.

Harpursville Lady Hornets:
The Harpursville Lady Hornets are the 2012/2013 Section IV Class C Champions, and returned to the State Championship game for the 2nd time in 3 seasons this year. The team had 4 athletes recognized for a total of 11 awards this season. Savannah Murray lead the team with a total of 4 awards, one for offense and 3 for defense. Miranda Drummond, Tatiana Sosnowsky, and Shelby Medovich each received 2 awards each, Drummond on offense, and Sosnowsky and Medovich with an offensive and defensive award each.

Unadilla Valley Lady Storm:
The Unadilla Valley Lady Storm are the 2012/2013 Class C MAC Champions. The team had 4 athletes recognaized for a total of 9 awards this season. Taylor Davis and Amanda Off led the team with 3 awards each, Davis with 1 offensive and 2 defensive, and Off with 2 offensive and 1 defensive. Jordan Anderson took home 2 offensive awards, and Corrine Izzard a defensive award.

Unatego Lady Spartans:
The Unatego Spartans had 4 athletes recognized for a total of 8 awards this season. Casey Manzanero lead the team with 3 offensive awards. Sarah Menina and Kayla Talbot each received 2 awards each, Menina with an offensive and defensive, and Talbot with two defensive awards. Robin Foster also received a defensive award.

Sidney Lady Warriors:
The Sidney Warriors had 5 athletes recognized for an award each this season. Kelsey Decker took home an offensive award while Taylor Krom, Rileigh Genung, Hannah Wood, and Bethany Karl each received defensive awards.

Franklin Lady Purple Devils:
The Franklin Lady Purple Devils are the 2012/2013 Class D MAC Champions. Franklin was featured in two broadcasts this season where their players swept the awards for each of those games. Jordan Beers won 2 awards for offense and Marisa Cawley won 2 awards for defense.

Other Area Schools:
A total of 6 awards were awarded in 2 other area schools. At Bainbridge-Guilford, Morgan Bullis received two awards, one for offense and one for defense, and Taylor Palmatier took home an offensive award. At Afton, Bailey Sherman picked up two awards, one for offense and one for defense, and Payton Cutting received an offensive award.

WCDO Sports will be back with more local sports broadcasts in the upcoming seasons. Games can be heard on the air at 100.9 FM and 1490 AM. Games are also streamed on the internet at WCDOSports.com. WCDO Sports says “Congratulations and Well Done!” to all Student Athletes throughout our area on their accomplishments this season, and thanks the Coaches, Parents, and Volunteers who make School Athletics possible throughout our local area. WCDO Sports also thanks the many local businesses who recognize the importance of supporting School Athletics and make the broadcasts throughout football and basketball seasons possible.

Harpursville @ Unadilla Valley Ladies – Sectional Quarterfinal – FINAL

Another great, hard fought game on WCDO Sports tonight!  This game never got more than 6 points spread the entire game!  The Harpursville Lady Hornets pull off the win tonight on the Unadilla Valley floor 53-51!  The Harpursville Lady Hornets will continue on to the next round taking on Elmira Notre Dame.

Congratulations to tonight’s award winners:

NBT Bank Outstanding Offense: Tatiana Sosnowsky – Harpursville

Mang Insurance Dynamic Defense: Savannah Murray – Harpursville

Leading scorers in tonight’s game (*All Stats Unofficial*)

Amanda Off (UV) 25 points and 4 of 4 from the line

Miranda Drummond (Harp) 21 points with 3 three pointers

Jordan Anderson (UV) 14 points

Savannah Murray (Harp) 11 points

Tatiana Sosnowsky (Harp) 10 points

Join us tomorrow night as the boys do battle.  It will be Odessa Montour at Sidney to take on the Warriors!  Greg Davie calls the action starting with the Chambers and O’Hara pregame show at 6:45pm and tip-off set for 7pm on WCDO AM/FM and streaming online at http://www.WCDOSports.com!

Harpursville @ Unadilla Valley Ladies – Sectional Quarterfinal – Update 3

Harpursville leads by one point after 3 quarters over Unadilla Valley, 34-33!  Miranda Drummond (Harp) leads all scorers with 19 points.  Amanda Off (UV) has 15 points and Jordan Anderson (UV) has 10.  Join us for the 4th quarter, live on WCDO AM/FM, and streaming online at WCDOSports.com!

Harpursville @ Unadilla Valley Ladies – Sectional Quarterfinal – Update 1

Unadilla Valley leads Harpursville at the end of the 1st quarter, 12-8.  Amanda Off (UV) and Jordan Anderson (UV) lead the scoring with 6 points apiece.  Miranda Drummond (Harp) has 4 points.

MAC Championship – UV vs Unatego Ladies – FINAL

The Unadilla Valley Lady Storm are your 2012/2013 MAC Champions!  UV defeats Unatego 44-34.

Congratulations to today’s award winners!

NBT Bank Outstanding Offense: Jordan Anderson – Unadilla Valley

Mang Insurance Dynamic Defense: Corrine Izard – Unadilla Valley

Leading scorers in the today’s game (*All stats unofficial*)

Jordan Anderson (UV) 17

Amanda Off (UV) 13

Kayla Talbot (Una) 8 points

Casey Manzanero (Una) 8 points

We’ve got the second game of our MAC Championship double-header coming up!  Join us for the boys matchup as the Unatego Spartans do battle with the Sidney Warriors!  This will be the 3rd consecutive year these two teams have met in the Championship game!  Sidney won 2 years ago, and Unatego won last year….. who will win it this year?  Find out as Greg Davie calls the action live, on WCDO AM/FM and streaming online at WCDOSports.com!

MAC Championship – UV vs Unatego Ladies – Update 3

At the end of the 3rd quarter, Unadilla Valley leads 31-26.  Jordan Anderson leads UV with 12, and Amanda Off has 10.  On the Unatego side, Casey Manzanero leads the team with 7 points.  Join us for the 4th quarter on WCDO AM/FM and WCDOSports.com!

MAC Championship – UV vs Unatego Ladies – Update 2

An exciting 2nd quarter as the Unadilla Valley Lady Storm goes on a scoring streak and comes out on top at the half, leading 22-18.  Unatego’s Casey Manzanero joins the 1000 point club late in the 2nd quarter and has 5 points in the game.  On the UV side, Jordan Anderson has 10 points and Amanda Off has 8.  Join us for the second half, coming up on WCDO AM/FM and streaming online at WCDOSports.com!

Unadilla Valley @ Unatego Ladies – Update 2

Unatego drops a 3 in the hoop at the buzzer and takes the lead into the halftime locker room 26-22!  Kacie Manzanero (UN) has put up 13 points in the 1st half, while Taylor Davis (UV) has 8, and Jordan Anderson (UV) has 7.  Join us for the 2nd half on the air at WCDO AM/FM, or stream the game online at WCDOSports.com!

UV @ Harpursville Ladies – Update 3

At the end of 3, Harpursville leads UV 34-29.

Leading scorers include:

Miranda Drummond (Harp) 14

Taylor Davis (UV) 9

Jordan Anderson (UV) 8

Amanda Off (UV) 6

This game is moving at a FRENETIC pace!  Catch the 4th quarter live on WCDO AM/FM or stream it online at WCDOSports.com!

UV @ Harpursville Ladies – Update 2

At the half, Harpursville leads UV 24-16.

Leading scorers in the first half:

Miranda Drummond (Harp) 14

Jordan Anderson (UV) 8

Join Nate and Dave for the 2nd half, coming up on WCDO AM/FM and streaming online at WCDOSports.com!