A.M. NEWS MONDAY 12-17-12

The Chenango county sheriff’s department announced that the vehicle of 36-year-old Jennifer Ramsaran of New Berlin has been located in the City of Norwich.  Ramsaran was last seen leaving her residence on the morning of December 11th in the Chrysler minivan; anyone with information about her whereabouts can call the Chenango County Sheriff’s Office at 334-2000 option 1. All calls will be kept confidential.


The state comptroller’s office released the results of an audit on travel expenses at the state university at Oneonta.   Auditors focused their audit efforts on the highest-cost travelers in the State, each of whom incurred over $100,000 in travel expenses during the three-year period ended March 31st 2011. The report said that they found that the travel expenses of $326,000 for the 3 College employees were documented and adhered to State travel rules and regulations. College officials agreed with the conclusions and waived the opportunity to provide formal written comments to be included in this final report.


The state comptroller’s office audited the town of Fenton for the period January 1st 2011, to June 28th. The audit showed that The Clerk did not ensure that selected receipts were properly recorded and deposited timely and intact, nor did she provide adequate oversight of the employees that collect money in her office.   Also, the audit showed that The Board did not address the issues that it uncovered during their audit of the Town Clerk’s books and records.  The comptroller’s office Recommendations include developing procedures that ensure the proper collection, recording and deposit of receipts & require the Town Clerk to correct issues identified in its annual audit.


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