Officials with the Constitution Pipeline, Leatherstocking Gas Company & Amphenol in Sidney announced on Tuesday a plan to get natural gas services to Amphenol’s new plant, as well as to towns and businesses along the I-88 Corridor.  Rick Aiken of Amphenol said that Amphenol would be one of the “tap” locations, where natural gas would come directly into the facility, at a great savings to the company:


(Rick Aiken 3-20-14)


The Constitution Pipeline would run 125 miles from northern Pennsylvania to parts of New York State for eventual distribution into New England.  Construction of the pipeline could start in January 2015 pending federal approval.  The full story is available in this week’s Tri-Town News.


Supporters of the Dream Act pressed Governor Cuomo to include the measure in the state budget. The bill calls for providing state tuition aid to the children of illegal immigrants.  The measure failed to pass the state senate by 2 votes after passing the Assembly.  The measure was included in the Assembly passed budget, with a 25 million dollar appropriation, the next step would be for Governor Cuomo to include the initiative in the final state budget for the fiscal year that starts April 1.


It’s pothole season and driving on State & Local roads resembles an obstacle course, with a great potential for damage to your vehicle.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers state that the weather is the biggest contributor, where the Asphalt is soft at high temperatures and brittle at low temperatures. When the temperatures dip, roads are more prone to cracking, which lets water pool underneath the surface & lead to potholes.  DOT Crews are scheduling their repair work during upcoming dry and warm weather, with some preliminary work performed on some of the Interstate Highways.  More information is available at dot.ny.gov


The Bainbridge-Guilford Central School will hold a Board of Education Meeting on Today in the Guilford Cafeteria at 6:30 PM. The business portion of the meeting will start at 7:00 PM.


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