Governor Cuomo signed legislation to prohibit pharmacies and retails stores from selling cold medications containing Dextromethorphan to anyone under 18 unless they have a prescription.    The new law addresses the problem of teens using the cough suppressant to get high, its use & abuse could lead to short and long term health risks including agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, and even death.  All retail establishments selling DXM will be required to request proof of age unless the customer appears to be more than 25 years of age, or they could be subject to a fine of $250 for each violation.


THE NEXT GENERAL CLINTON CANOE REGATTA MEETING WILL BE HELD Tonight, AT THE Highway 7 Bar & Grill in Bainbridge at 7:00 PM FOR the annual Kickoff meeting.  Regatta Chairman John Harmon is inviting anyone interested to the meeting, to bring in any new ideas for the 2014 REGATTA.  Harmon said that they would be putting together committees in order to keep the regatta growing.


4 candidates are running for 2 seats on the Sidney town board on Election Day.  Today, we hear from democratic candidate Paul Muratore & his ideas for running for the town board:


(Paul Muratore 10-1-13)


Muratore will participate in the town board forum this Thursday evening at the Sidney library smart community room,


The Greater Oneonta Economic Development Council & Oneonta River Corporation, will host their 2nd presentation regarding potential economic development projects today.  Heath Markus Green of Cornell University will head-up a presentation on revitalizing part of the old D&H Rail-yards in Oneonta at Foothills Performing Arts center at 4:30 PM.


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