1 person was killed and another injured, in a fire at 71 Baker Street in Johnson City Sunday morning.  26-year-old Sarah Wenzinger died from smoke inhalation, an unidentified 38-year-old man was taken to Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse for treatment of his injuries. Investigators are looking for the cause of that fire.


Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced legislation to restore accountability, and ensure access to the ballot box, by eliminating challenges to voter eligibility at the polls on Election Day. Under current law, voters who are challenged at the polls are required to recite an oath affirming their right to vote. Under the Voter Intimidation Prevention Act, those who mount challenges to voters at the polls will be required to provide the factual basis for their challenge, and attest their right to challenge a voter. 


The Chenango county sheriffs department arrested 3 City of Norwich residents for Petty Larceny and 6th degree Conspiracy. Charged were 25-year-old Aaron Hicks, 22-year-old Jenna Johnson and 29-year-old Samuel King for conspiring to steal items from the Norwich Wal-Mart and then returning the items for a gift card.  Hicks, Johnson and King were issued appearance tickets and are scheduled to appear in the Town of Norwich Court at a later date.


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