State Senator Jim Seward is co-sponsoring legislation to end pension benefits for elected officials convicted of felonies. Senate bill 3048 would add a new section to the state constitution barring any elected official, convicted of a felony offense while in office, from collecting his pension benefits. Seward is also calling for enhanced investigations and additional resources to bring public wrongdoers to justice along with tougher penalties for those convicted of ethics violations.


State Troopers in Delaware County arrested 23-year-old Casey Weishar of Stamford, for 2nd degree Strangulation, 3rd degree Assault, 4th degree Criminal Mischief and Unlawful Possession of Marihuana. The arrest resulted from a domestic incident in Stamford; Weishar was arraigned and was remanded to the Delaware County Jail on $1,500 cash bail pending future court action.


The next Local Early Intervention Coordinating Council Meeting will be held today from 1:30 – 3:30 pm at the Delaware Opportunities Building route 10 in Hamden.   More information is available at 832-5200.


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