UPDATE 10/30/12 11:00

Fortunately for us most of the storm missed the Village. Moving forward are the following updates:
1. Lifting conserve water advisory.
2. Canceling the public informational meeting schedules for Tuesday at 6:00 at the High School.
3. Please still be aware of the high wind possibilities for the following 48 hours.
4. We will experience occasional light rain but no river or steam flooding is expected.
5. The important news is that Halloween is still scheduled for October 31st from 5PM to 8PM. Please be extra careful that night if driving.

I want to personally thank all the residence for their cooperation and positive attitude while we were preparing for the expected weather event.
I cannot stress enough to the residents how lucky we are to have the kind of volunteers and village employee’s that worked endlessly on developing an action plan to handle the possibility of a major disaster.
My final word on this is to take a moment to understand and reflect on what other parts of the country are going through. It was not long ago when we were in a situation that was just as stressful.

Mayor Andy Matviak

Sandy Strom Update 10/29/12 11:00

As the storm enters our area late this afternoon and into the morning hours on Tuesday we will experience sustained winds of 30 to 40 miles per hour. During this period we may experience gusts up to 70 MPH.

The possibility of losing power during this time is possible. We are not expecting any river flooding at this time. There is a flash flood alert for creeks in the area during the heaviest part of the storm.

As of 8am Monday morning we have a conserve water advisory in effect until further notice for those residents who use Village water.

In case of emergencies please continue to call 911. For all other questions call the Sidney Village at 561-2324.

At this time there are no evacuation plans for the Village of Sidney.

Thank You,
Andy Matviak

Storm Update 10/26/12 4:00PM

We have been advised by the National Weather Service that hurricane Sandy may have an impact on weather in our area beginning Monday continuing into Tuesday.

Be advised that heavy winds may result in power outages. We remind residents that they may want to get out their emergency kits, refill medications, and secure outside loose items.

This is only an alert and not an evacuation notice. We will be giving updates on the weather to WCDO and posting information on wcdoradio.com.

Right now we are in a wait and see situation and all village personnel are on notice and prepared to do whatever necessary for the safety of the Village.

Please stay tuned to WCDO over the weekend for further updates.

Again this is only an alert.

Village of Sidney
Mayor Andy Matviak