P.M. NEWS FRIDAY 2-22-13

The New York State Police Special Investigations Unit completed a five-month investigation into copper burglaries and larcenies from the Greater Binghamton Health Center Campus. Charged were Christopher Peck of New Milford, Pennsylvania, Deyquan Perry of Endicott, Nicholas Linsky of Binghamton, Joshua Cope of Binghamton, Thomas Rigo of Binghamton, Alfred Reynolds of Binghamton, Harry Reynolds Jr. of Binghamton, Jammy Copp of Binghamton, Deak Copp, of Johnson City, Richard Copp of Johnson City, Shane Lacey of Endicott, Christopher Reynolds of Johnson City, and an unidentified 16 year old male from Binghamton, all for 3rd degree Burglary.  Kayla Tompkins of Johnson City was charged with criminal possession of stolen property, 13 others were arrested for trespassing.  All face court action at a later date.


Governor Cuomo released his 30-day amendments to the Executive Budget on Thursday.  Among the items a loss of state aid to New York City for being the only school district to NOT Implement teacher evaluation system.   The amendments also call for the Simplifying, Streamlining and Reduce Costs of hunting, fishing licenses, calls gas stations to have back-up power capacity After many lost the ability to pump due to power outages after Hurricane Sandy.   The am amendments also Replace lost Federal revenue by modifying the Medicaid financing system.  The state budget is due on April 1st.  The complete list of 30-day amendments is available at budget.ny.gov.


The Chenango county sheriffs department arrested 25 year old Adam Courtright of Binghamton on an active arrest warrant issued by the Chenango County Family Court.  The Broome County Sheriff’s Office located Courtright, he was arraigned for failure to appear  and he was released to appear at a later date.

Chobani will launch their “ Go Real Chobani.” Campaign this weekend.  The new campaign will debut nationally on Sunday, during the 85th Academy Awards, with the 60 second ad  will be running before & during the Oscars, in during the Oscars Program. The 30-second “Go Real Chobani- Start With” spot will air during the E channel’s pre and post-Oscars shows.


The Jericho Arts Council is will display the private art collection of Ian Tonnessen of Bainbridge tomorrow at the Bainbridge Town Hall Theater, from 7:00 – 10:00 PM.  The evening hours were scheduled to coincide with 8:00 PM bluegrass performance of The De Laney Brothers in the Town Hall Theater.   The gallery is located on the second floor of the Bainbridge Town Hall at 15 North Main Street.



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