P.M. NEWS MONDAY 6-16-14

The proposed “Dream Act”, that would have allowed the children of illegal aliens to access financial aid to college, doesn’t have enough support to make it to the Governors desk. Assemblyman Cliff Crouch explains:


(Crouch 6-16-14)


This year’s legislative session is scheduled to end this Thursday.


Investigators have been unable to determine exactly what caused the fire that destroyed the Ellis Brothers furniture building in Binghamton. The April 30th fire caused heavy damage throughout the building, which was torn down because of the danger of collapsing. Fire officials believe the fire may have started in a maintenance room, but there were too many other possible causes that could not be narrowed down, officials have closed the investigation.


A new Sienna research institute poll regarding how the state is doing compared to 4 years ago, shows that voters are divided. 32% believe that New York is better off now, 26% believe the state is worse off, and 40% believe the state’s condition is unchanged. Regarding the voters personal situation, 28% believe they are better off, with 23% feel their situation is worse, and nearly believe their situation is the same. 39% to 50% of New Yorkers say the state is headed in the right direction, Upstate New Yorkers; however, say the state is going in the wrong direction by a 5-point margin.


The Delaware County Department of Public Works will be closing county route 16 in the towns of Franklin & Walton, to through traffic to replace a bridge just north of Douglas Hill Road, the project should take about 3 weeks, weather permitting, motorists should seek alternate.


New York will no longer add a sales tax to the charge for tastings at wineries, and the state is creating a $350,000 fund to research hops and malting barley for beer. The announcement by Governor Cuomo comes after wineries pushed for the change at an April summit in Albany. Wineries conducting tasting were already exempt from paying a use tax. The governor has been bullish on the state’s wineries and its expansion of beer production. There’s a website to tout the state’s products at taste.ny.gov.


Proposed legislation in New York would require high school students to learn CPR. The legislation, introduced by Sen. Mark Grisanti, would require students to learn CPR before they graduate. In a 30-minute class, students can learn how to operate an AED. The Board of Regents would be responsible for implementing the training, and school districts would have to fund it. It passed the Senate, but has to be voted on by the Assembly and approved by the governor, before it can become law.


The Unadilla Chamber of Commerce will hold their next meeting tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM At the Unadilla Fire Station. The chamber’s next big event is the annual Carnival of Sales on Saturday July 12th, volunteers are needed for that event, those interested can volunteer by calling 369-2614.


Broome County Executive Debbie Preston said she is continuing to recover from lung cancer and is feeling better each day. Preston said she has been cleared to return to work on June 30, starting with half days and working up to full days. In April, Preston announced she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She has since undergone surgery in New York City. She recently had a follow-up appointment with her doctors at Sloan Kettering. Her next follow-up appointment is set for December.



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