10 hazard mitigation projects are scheduled for federal funds for projects to get people out of traditionally flood prone areas.  1 of the projects is the Sidney Green Plain Project, Sidney Mayor Andy Matviak explains:


(Andy Matviak 4-14-14)


Matviak said that 22 million dollars in federal funds would be used for the Plankenhorn farm project for River Street area residents, another 5 to 6 millions dollars will be used to purchase 73 damaged properties in that section of the village.


A trial-level judge in Albany has ruled that New York’s new gun law does not violate the Second Amendment. The decision from state Supreme Court Justice Thomas McNamara also rejected legal claims that the gun law was improperly pushed through the legislature by Governor Cuomo. Cuomo issued a “message of necessity” that allowed lawmakers to vote on the measure without the usual waiting period for the consideration of bills. The law bans high-capacity magazines and many semi-automatic firearms.


Governor Cuomo announced a commission to explore how to invest a proposed $2 billion bond to upgrade technology in classrooms and fund construction for pre-kindergarten classrooms.  The commission will come up with recommendations on how the money should be spent. The bond will need voter approval in November. Cuomo announced a $2 billion bond for his smart schools initiative to bring wi-fi, tablets and upgraded computers to schools and fund construction for new pre-kindergarten classroom space. It was approved in the new state budget.





2 Republicans have filed to run in a June 24th Republican primary against incumbent Congressman Richard Hanna. Democrats failed to meet a state deadline for fielding a candidate to run in November against Hanna in the 22nd Congressional District. The Conservative Party and Working Families Party also failed to field candidates, while Hanna filed petitions to secure the Independence Party line in November. State Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney and tea party activist Michael Kicinski are running in the primary as conservatives.


The New York Comptroller’s Office reports stopping more than $24 million in questionable personal income tax refunds so far this year, finding 7,482 improper filings, 18% more than last year. The office has audited and approved 4.8 million state refund requests, totaling $4.3 billion, with another 346,000 refund requests for $352.5 million expected to be paid soon. In 4,805 instances, involving income totaling just over  $16 million dollars, taxpayers claimed ineligible refundable credits, such as for fake or an inflated number of dependents, or understated income.


The Sidney Boys & Girls club is putting together fundraisers in conjunction with this year’s American Cancer Society Relay for Life event next month.  Club Director Trish Tyrell said that the next fundraiser is tomorrow:


(Trish Tyrell 4-17-14)


Tyrell said that the club would be participating at the Relay Fro Life event at general Clinton Park, along with members of the new Senior Center at the Sidney Civic Center.


Governor Cuomo is reminding New Yorkers that nearly 88,000 jobs are currently available and listed at jobs.ny.gov. The site sorts jobs by region and occupation, & allows users to search jobs based on zip code & distance. There are 96 career centers around the state, which can be found at labor.ny.gov/career-center-locator.  Employers can list jobs at labor.ny.gov/hire.  Currently, there are 3,946 jobs listed in the Southern Tier region.



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