The Chenango County Sheriff’s Office executed a “no knock” search warrant at 386 Neff Hill Road in the Town of Bainbridge, following a lengthy narcotics investigation. Investigators arrested 33-year-old Amber Chesebro & 33-year-old Manuel Thillet, on charges of 1st degree Criminal Nuisance & Criminal Use of Drug Paraphernalia. The Narcotics Division recovered cash, drug paraphernalia & financial documents on large money transfers. Chesebro & Thillet were arraigned in the Town of Bainbridge Court, Chesebro was remanded to the Chenango county Jail on $2500 cash bail, Thillet was remanded on $10,000 cash bail. The investigation is ongoing and further charges are pending.
Area Assemblyman Cliff Crouch has revered his earlier position on Medical Marijuana. Crouch said earlier versions of the bill over the past 4 years were very loose, the newly passed bill tightened up most of those issues:

(Crouch 7-24-14)

The bill also expires in 7 years; it could be eliminated even earlier if there are objections from either the state health commissioner or the Superintendent of the State Police.
Dairy farmers and yogurt producers would be eligible for an expanded federal tax credit, to install energy-producing bio-gas systems, under a proposal by Senator Chuck Schumer. The proposal would expand the menu of eligible uses for a 30% federal investment tax credit for bio-digesters. Dairy farmers and food processing facilities making yogurt and cottage cheese could utilize the proposed Bio-gas Tax Credit, using their waste products to help fuel new biogas facilities. There are about 2,000 biogas systems installed around the country, including more than 100 in New York. The House and Senate are expected to work out an agreement on renewal of expired tax breaks after the November election.
Delaware County District Attorney’s Investigators arrested Kellie Bush and Gary Tompkins Jr. of Walton, for allegedly filing false documentation wit the Delaware County Department of Social Services. Bush and Tompkins are accused of receiving in excess of $2,500 in public assistance benefits that they were not eligible to receive, Tompkins was charged with 4th degree Welfare Fraud & Offering a False Instrument for Filing. Bush was charged with 1 count of 4th degree Welfare Fraud, they were arraigned in the Town of Delhi Court & were sent to the Delaware County Jail on $2,500 bail pending future court action.
The Chenango County Sheriff’s Office arrested 20 year old Casey Flanders of Endicott & Mark Grassi of Endicott for 4th degree Grand Larceny & 5th degree Conspiracy. Both are accused of stealing over $1000 dollars’ worth of baby formula from Wal-Mart, Both were placed into custody and arraigned in the Town of Norwich Court, and are being held on $2500 bail pending future court action.
Heroin use continues to rise in New York State and health officials want the public to be aware of the signs and symptoms associated with the drug. Signs of heroin use include a lack of interest in appearance, increased absences from work or school, and people stealing from family members. Last month, Governor Cuomo was in the Southern Tier to sign new legislation aimed at combating the heroin epidemic.
Governor Cuomo signed a series of bills to strengthen existing laws and add new measures to protect New Yorkers from aggravated harassment, domestic violence, GPS units used for stalking, and public lewdness in relation to children under 16. Details are available at governor.ny.gov.

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