Utica police are investigating a triple homicide from early this morning, and they announced that a suspect was in custody as of 4:30 this morning. Utica police reported that the victims were 2 women & 1 man, & the unidentified suspect is related to the 3 victims. Utica police will release the names of the suspect & the victims later today.
19th district Congressman Chris Gibson announced that his 3rd term in Congress, that he is just starting, would be his last in the House of Representatives. The Kinderhook Republican made the announcement official this week after being sworn in, Gibson told WCDO News last year that he has considered writing a book or going into teaching after his current term is up, he also added yesterday that he may consider a run for another unspecified state office.
State Troopers arrested 36-year-old Diana Leonard of Hancock on a 2nd degree Burglary charge. The Arrest followed an investigation of a December burglary where property was taken from a seasonal residence. Leonard was arraigned in the Village of Hancock Court and released without bail required.
State senate & state assembly members have been sworn in to swerve for the 2015 & 2016 sessions. State senator Tom Libous of Binghamton was re-elected in November and said that he is excited to continue working in Albany after the last 4 years of lower taxes and spending, and seeing the results translate into jobs:

(Libous 1-7-15)

The state labor department reports that area unemployment statistics are also at their lowest levels since 2007 and 2008, and private sector job counts are at an all time high.
The Roxbury arts group will have an exhibit by late area artist David Byrd January 17th through February 21st, much of that work was inspired by Byrd’s work as an orderly in a psychiatric ward with patients suffering from a variety of mental illnesses. A forum will be held at the Roxbury arts group location on January 31st regarding mental illness, according to arts group executive director Jenny Rosensweig:

(Jenny Rosensweig 1-7-15)

Those who would like to attend the event can register through a link at Roxbury arts group.org or they can call 326-7908.

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