Governor Cuomo signed legislation that resolves a dispute concerning how auto manufacturers can sell their products to consumers. The agreement allows Tesla Motors to maintain their 5 currently licensed retail locations in New York State; additional Tesla retail locations will be established under a strengthened dealer franchise law.
The traditional image marking wheelchair ramps and accessible parking could soon be replaced under a bill passed by the Legislature. The bill would replace the blue-and-white image of a nondescript person sitting in a wheelchair with 1 showing the wheelchair in motion. The legislation would also prohibit the word “handicapped” from being displayed on any accessibility signs. The new rules would only apply to wheelchair-accessible signs that are installed or replaced after the bill takes effect.
Congressman Chris Gibson applauded members of the legislature for authoring legislation that provides a set of recommendations for a plan to combat Lyme disease. Members of the Senate’s Task Force on Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases finalized the proposal in an effort to enhance research, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for sufferers of Lyme and tick-borne diseases. The Assembly recently adopted Lyme disease legislation, and a vote by the whole Senate is expected today.
Golden Artist Colors will hold their Grand Opening Celebration &ribbon cutting today from 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM at 65 Hale Street in Norwich. Golden Artist spokesperson Jodi O’Dell explains:

(Jodi O’Dell 6-19-14)

Company officials expect to add up to 37 jobs to the facility over the first 5 years.

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