Lawmakers and Upstate Poison Control officials called for the ban of synthetic drugs yesterday in Albany.  Synthetic drugs are mislabeled and sold as products as bath salts, shoe deodorant and incense, but they are intended to provide a high for the user.          The legislation addresses mislabeling, chemical swapping and creates penalties for possessing and selling synthetic drugs equivalent to their “street drug” counterpart.  The bill gives broader power the Commissioner of Health to add synthetic drugs and their chemical compounds to the controlled substance list, more power to the Attorney General to act on complaints that the drugs are being sold in store, who can be penalized for selling the mislabeled products.


State Senator Jim Seward joined senate colleagues to unveil the “Young Farmers NY” plan to address issues related to preserve the future of family farming.


(Seward 3-5-14)


“Young Farmers NY,” will include Loans, grants, and tax credits for the sale or lease of land and equipment, as well as for new technological innovations; Estate tax reforms to encourage farm preservation from generation to generation; and Agricultural education efforts including an apprenticeship program, student loan forgiveness and increased funding for the in-school Future Farmers of America program.



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