Reactions were favorable on both sides of the aisle for Governor’s Cuomo’s ambitious agenda that he forwarded in his state of the state address in Albany yesterday.  State senator Jim Seward responds:


(Seward 1-10-13)


Assemblyman Cliff Crouch also responded:


(Crouch 1-10-13)


Assemblyman Pete Lopez also commented:


(Lopez 1-10-13)


Lawmakers get back to work in Albany, they will receive the governors executive budget proposal by the end of the month.


Governor Cuomo relayed his disgust during his state of the state address yesterday, regarding receiving about 14% of the federal aid requested, which took congress more than 2 ½ months to send after Hurricane Sandy pummeled the state:


(Cuomo to Congress)


Cuomo pointed out that Hurricane Katrina is widely viewed as a slow response with aid to Louisiana in 2005, that response was 10 days; the Hurricane Sandy partial response is 74 days.


A winning candidate did not emerge from the Hall of Fame balloting conducted by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America with 569 ballots cast, none of the 37 candidates gained mention on the required 75% for election to the Hall of Fame.  Craig Biggio, received 388 votes, 39 less than needed, followed by pitcher Jack Morris with 385, Jeff Bagwell with 339, Mike Piazza with 329 & Tim Raines with 297.  The Induction ceremony will be held on Sunday, July 28th at the Clark Sports Center in Cooperstown, honoring umpire Hank O’Day, old-time New York Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert and 19th-century player Deacon White.


Governor Cuomo announced the appointment of Richard Kauffman to lead the state’s energy policy and energy finance efforts.  Kauffman will join Governor Cuomo’s Cabinet as the Chair of a newly formed Energy Policy and Finance Sub-Cabinet. Among Kaufman’s top priorities will be the establishment of the state’s first “green bank” within the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, which will offer grants to further clean energy deployment, coordinate and leverage the State’s clean energy spending and alleviate financial market barriers that currently impede the flow of private capital to clean energy projects.


The Knights of Columbus are hosting a free throw championship this Saturday at 10:00 AM at the Sidney High School Gym.  Knights Spokesman Vic Tartaglia explains:


(Vic Tartaglia)


More information about the event can be obtained at 563-3920 or 369-4474.


State Troopers arrested 59-year-old Diane Reynolds of Afton for Driving While Intoxicated with a BAC of .20%. The arrest resulted from a vehicle stop in Greene; Reynolds was issued tickets returnable in the Village of Green Court on January 22nd.



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