Governor Cuomo today announced the release of a cyber security report that shows the growing risk and sophistication of cyber attacks facing New York banks, and directed the Department of Financial Services to conduct new, regular, targeted cyber security preparedness assessments of the banks DFS regulates.   Most institutions experienced intrusions into their systems over the past 3 years, such as account takeovers, identity theft, network disruptions and data integrity breaches. The majority of institutions reported that information security budgets would increase in the next 3 years.


State senators voted to require blood-alcohol tests of all drivers following serious accidents. The Senate passed the legislation yesterday. It would mandate police test the alcohol levels of all drivers following accidents in which someone is seriously injured or killed. Currently, police may only test a person’s blood-alcohol level if they suspect they are over the legal limit for alcohol. The bill now moves to the Assembly.


School district in the poor rural district of upstate received better news in the state budget this year, as the Gap Elimination Adjustment from 6 years ago, has been reversed in favor of local struggling school district. Area Assemblyman Cliff Crouch explains:


(Crouch 5-6-14)


Crouch said that they hope to have the Gap Elimination Adjustment completed reversed in next year’s state budget.


Frontier Communications announced today that they are hiring 60 full-time facility assigner positions in the Sherburne/Norwich market.   Frontier will host a career fair to recruit for the new positions on May 21st & 22nd from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. at 14 Classic Street, Sherburne.   Candidates should apply online in advance of the job fair at frontier.com/careers.



The Otsego County sheriff’s departments has started using an “App” called “Mobil Patrol” where users can access correctional center information, Mug Shot, & charges against accused offenders. The “App” also allows crime victims to be notified about the custody status of an offender & it also include warrants, most wanted criminals, sex offenders & missing children, it can be downloaded for free by Otsego county residents at otsegocounty.com.


Democrats in the state senate introduced 9 bills to curb government corruption. The measures would strengthen regulations on the use of campaign money, strip pension benefits from corrupt state officials, ban the use of campaign money for criminal defense, require more disclosure of campaign donations as well as a bill to establish a public financing system for state campaigns. The announcement comes after Governor Cuomo’s Moreland Commission ended its work & lawmakers passed an ethics reform package in the new state budget.


The state’s highest court ruled today that details of the New York Public Pension should NOT be kept private. The Empire Center for Public Policy has been in a legal battle for years with several public pension systems after the lower courts ruled in 2011 that names of pensioners do not need to be made public. The case made it way to the State Court of Appeals in march, and the judges ruled that several new York city pensions, as well as the state Teachers Retirement System, should allow information to be released.

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