Officials with the Constitution Pipeline, Leatherstocking Gas Company & Amphenol in Sidney announced a plan to get natural gas services to Amphenol’s new plant, as well as to towns and businesses along the 125-mile proposed route along the I-88 Corridor.  The Constitution Pipeline would run from northern Pennsylvania to parts of New York State for eventual distribution into New England.  Amphenol in Sidney would be one of the four “tap” locations, meaning natural gas would come directly into the facility.  Construction of the pipeline could start in January 2015 pending federal approval.


Conference committees are getting to work this week on various aspects of the state budget proposals.  Area Assemblyman Bill Magee is on the conference committee overseeing agriculture; he said that the amount of money that farmers get relates to how much education aid is increased;


(Magee 3-19-14)


Magee once again chairs the assembly Agriculture Committee; he said that he is relatively confident that the state budget will be passed on time again this year.


Delaware County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested 31 year old Gerard Johnson of Walton on a warrant from the city of Oneonta Court for failure to pay a fine for his arrest on a charge of criminal possession of a controlled substance.   Johnson was turned over to the City of Oneonta Police Department for further processing & subsequent court action.


State Police of Norwich arrested 47-year-old Mathew Bates, of Plymouth for 2nd degree Harassment.   The arrest followed an investigation into a recent dispute in the town of Plymouth, Bates was arraigned in the Town of Sherburne Court and released on his own recognizance & will reappear in court on March 28th.


State Police in Deposit arrest 42-year-old Patrick Brown of Deposit for Criminal Obstruction of Breathing and Criminal Mischief.  The arrest occurred after a dispute Deposit, where    Brown is accused of choking the victim and keeping the vic9tm from notifying police.  Brown was arraigned in the Town of Deposit Court and released on his own recognize, an order of protection was issued by the court against Brown.


A new insurance program set to replace an older safety net built on farm subsidies could make life easier for all farmers in New York State. The Margin Protection Program will serve as an optional insurance plan farmers can buy into. The plan will replace the Milk Income Loss Contract, which acted more like a subsidy for farmers when the milk price dropped below profitable levels.  US Senator Charles Schumer visited a farm in Sherburne to promote the plan, and promise assistance in helping farmers understand it. The new insurance plans will take effect in September.


State Police arrested 27-year-old Jason Harvey of Groton on 1 count each Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance & Unlawful Manufacture of Methamphetamine.  Harvey is accused of manufacturing Methamphetamines in his residence, he was arraigned & was remanded to Tompkins County Jail on $15,000 cash bail or $30,000 secured bond pending court action March 21st.


The Southern Tier Parents against the Common Core are holding a presentation on March 31st.  The event will take place from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the Vestal Library; concerned parents are encouraged to attend. More information is available at parents against cc.com



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